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Level Up Your Pokemon? Evolving Trainers to Find Better Pokemon

Want to find better Pokemon? Feeling the game is a bit stale? One of the complaint heard about the game is that players develop into a rut where they capture the same creatures again and again. Well, it doesn't have to be that way! Evolve your Pokemon Trainer!

Why Level Up Your Trainer? 

Consider this: the higher the level you achieve, the better Pokémon you'll find in your searches. The better Pokemon will offer you a chance to be winning battles and smoking competitors at the gyms.  Plus, you won't have to power up as often.

Sounds good doesn't it? So how do you level up your Pokemon? It's all about the candy. Every time you collect you need to evolve to make this happen. Start recycling your duplicates that you run into frequently that cost little to evolve. Then, in return, you will get a payout (typically much bigger than what you offer up.) As you evolve, you can then transfer them to Professor Willow for a bonus candy. Ultimately enabling further evolution and the changing of your Pokemon.

Does This Tip of Evolving Trainers Work on all Levels?

This tip works particularly well for anyone looking to advance. It doesn't matter what level you start at either. Every game situation offers Pokemon that are duplicates with low cost to evolve. 

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