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In What country do the BEST Pokemon Go Players live?

Pokemon Go players have flooded the streets in search of the Pokemon in their neighborhoods. Within only a few short weeks players (who are also known as trainers) have been capturing, searching and even chasing after Pokemon. Plus they have met their neighbors and fellow Pokemon fans when playing at a PokeStop.

So Where to the Best Pokemon Go Players Live?

Are the most competitive players in America? The United Kingdom? Norway? Japan? Australia? OR where? This nagging question had us asking people, where do the most serious, strongest and best Pokemon Go players live?

So what might be the criteria for determining the best players who live around the world? Obviously the players would be dedicated to the game. Day, night and even weekends. And they would be willing to catch as many Pokemon as possible. Plus, they'd be nice players - people who share tips about the game and offer to mingle when stopping by a PokeStop. Most importantly, the best players would be jazzed about the game (sort of like us as we can't seem to stop talking about this app.) And these players would want to share the game with everyone and would even help download it to a phone for a newbie.

In what country does the best Pokemon Go players reside in? Honestly, there isn't a country that has rotten players so every one of the 37 countries have some of the best players in the world. And collectively it's possible that we could even teach a few aliens from Mars how the game works too. Unless they already have Pokemon Go on Mars. Then we should ask if they have any advice... 

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