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Pokemon GO Gym Tips: How to Win Any Gym Battle

Pokemon Go gyms are essential parts of the game and mastering the battles will help you climb the ladder to becoming a Pokemon master. For first time trainers (and people still getting comfortable with the game) it's not an easy feat. Good thing we have a confirmed tip to share to help you win!

So why do you want to find a Pokemon Gym? It's simple, the overall idea of fighting, owning and defending gyms is to gain Pokecoins. This option allows you to spend on in-game items. Oh yeah, and it's bad*ss to defend your team. It's the selfless courage that we have to defend the gym by leaving high-level Pokemon there.

Pokemon Go Fights: How to win any gym battle

So what is the trick to win any gym battle? Well, it all had to do with a yellow light. During the gym session, look out for a yellow flash from your opponent and act quickly. Immediately dodge the impending attack. Responding to the animation instead of waiting to see what happens as the game runs means having a trigger finger. After dodging an attack, start an attack yourself. Continue to do this over and over to win.
Pokemon Go gyms are pretty hard to miss. Trainers can find the locations by giant towers. The cool part is there usually is a Pokemon waiting for you. Enjoy this aspect of the game and be ready to meet new friends as this is the perfect part of the game -- meeting other players.

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