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How to Request a Poke Stop for Pokemon Go

Want a Poke Stop  to be around the corner? Not enough Poke Stops in your area? Don't fret! The Pokemon Go creators are looking into this matter and want your feedback. With such an overwhelming response, there is now a way for you and your friends to request a Pokestop by simply filling out a form.

Poke Stop locations have been a mixed bag when it comes to the public's response. Some folks are loving locations and other places aren't quite so great. While it's hard to say how the designers of the game decided on the Poke Stops, what is for sure is some places aren't meant to be explored. For example the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC is home to not one, but three Pokestops. This has caused the museum to ask people not to play within their walls. Another location that's asked fans to show respect is the Arlington Cemetery.

If you are looking to request a Pokestop and you have a perfect location, then you need to simply offer up the suggestion. The way to share your idea is painless too! 

Three Steps On How to Request a Poke Stop for Pokemon Go

1. Find the location name, address, Latitude / Longitude of the PokeStop you want to be considered.

2. Surf over to the Pokemon Go request form and fill out the details 

3. Wait. You will get confirmation of the email/ticket submission. It might take a few weeks, but you should hear back as well to see if your submission was accepted. Due to the heavy volume of players (and suggestions) it might take a little longer.than normal. 

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