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Pokemon Go Tracking: How to Decipher Pokemon Paw Prints

Tracking Pokemon is the best part of the game. There really is no guarantee to finding a Pokemon OR really capturing anything at all. However, people across America (and the world) are having success so you can to. Frankly, if you pay attention to the paw prints you are going to have no problem capturing a few Pokemon of your own. 

How to Decipher Pokemon Paw Prints

  • If your screen has paw prints a Pokemon is very close:
  • 3 paw prints means the Pokemon is roughly within a kilometer of your location. 
  • 2 paw prints means the Pokemon is roughly 100 meters away
  • 1 paw print means the Pokemon is just 10 meters away 
  • No paw prints means you’re practically on top of the Pokemon’s location.

It might be easier for you to track one Pokemon at a time, but don't do it! Keep the tracking tab open. This will allow you can see Pokemon change order based on their location nearby. Keep in mind Pokemon in the top left are the closest to you. Pokemon located in the bottom right are the farthest away.

When choosing a Pokemon on your list, the next choice is to pick a direction. Pay particular attention to see what position or how the paw prints change. If the Pokemon moves down the list or you see more paw prints, you went the wrong way.

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