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How to Play Pokemon Go Faster: Start with Multiple Pokestops

Players who love Pokemon Go are playing all over the country. Some of these folks are playing the game faster than others. How is this possible? One big way is effective time management strategy. Yes, we really are talking about a game! Too many people slowly get started and don't realize they could actually be on the fast track themselves just by one simple tip

Pokemon Go Tip #56:

Start in Areas with Multiple Pokestops

Think about it. If you go to a mall where you have three Pokestops versus a cafe with just one Pokestop, then you are twice as fast as your competitors. Most of the multiple Pokestops are in areas where there are large areas of land. You could probably find a park close to your house with two or more Pokestops to check out.

The idea of getting out to the locations is all part of the game. If you are strategic by hitting areas that offer more Pokestops than others, you will advance faster and have an advantage in the game. The more Pokestops you find the better.

This tip might sound simple, but you would be surprised at the number of people who are willing to go for the one Pok estop instead of utilizing their time better and hitting one area with three stops. Think about how to best find the most Poke stop with the least amount of effort and start there on your next adventure!


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