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How to Make Fake Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players might be playing for the love of the game. Or maybe it's because it's a great family activity. Yet, in some cases, people are playing to brag to their friends. In what is a strange new trend with the game, people are actually faking some captures of legendary Pokemon. In fact, they go so far to capture Pokemon that some say aren't even released yet. Sounds impossible? Not hardly. So many people are interested in faking it that there is a video on how it can be done.

How to Make Fake Legendary Pokemon

This trick requires the fake Pokemon artwork from the game’s file list which contains their name and the image. From there graphic artists (or anyone with a bit of skill) can combine the elements to make it look like they've caught the Pokemon, take a screenshot and then show the world.

There are consequences to this theory of finding fake Pokemon and sharing the images to the world. There is a momentary rush that comes from being on top of the world. Bragging to others, sharing your big find and being the best is going to feel great. Then people will realize the truth (or ask to actually see your cell) and you're no longer someone to trust as you are called out. Besides the obvious that you're a player being a fraud, your Pokemon know-how will go down in flames. As that famous label "cheater" is now part of your resume.

This latest cheat should put some perspective on the game itself. It is not worth the effort to try to beat a game you are paying for (lures, balls, etc). Nothing good will come from bending the rules. While a few people have been highlighted in the news as top players, there is a disbelief and soiled look at their accomplishment. If you're going to cheat something, go out and help someone cheat death by beating cancer. Or cheat the system by developing a product that makes the world a better place. Pokemon Go is supposed to be lighthearted and fun. Cheating this game is nothing short than wasting time.


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