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How to Have a Successful Pokemon Go Bar Crawl in Your Home Town

Pokemon Go fans who made the journey to San Diego and played the game on Saturday night had an epic moment. Hundreds of people participated in a bar crawl that brought in trainers, Pokemon fans and beer lovers to a historic part of San Diego. While the event wasn't heavily promoted, it was highly attended and considered one of the most exciting events of the four-day conference (even though it wasn't a sanctioned Comic Con event).

Many businesses across America are wondering if it is possible to replicate this time of event in cities, big and small, across America. As popular as Pokemon Go currently is in the United States, this idea definitely can be used to draw in customers and share the love of Pokemon within communities across the country.

How to Have a Successful Pokemon Go Bar Crawl

The first step to a successful Pokemon Go bar crawl is getting the word out on social media. The game is played on the cell phone, so expect your attendees to be tuned into news being shared on the handheld devices as well. Once you've determined a date, post a Facebook Event Page and start inviting people. Include what specials might be offered by the local establishments. Food, drinks and even drawings are a big plus for trainers who are coming to play the game anyway.

After you've shared the page with the Facebook crowd, it's time to take your message to Instagram, Twitter and even Periscope. Make sure you create a special hashtag for your community event so people know it's local. 

After the invites are out and the public is aware, you need to organize the evening to make sure Pokemon will show. Locate PokeStops and Gyms in the area you are having the crawl at. Consider making maps to share with the attendees (or even a sign offering tips). Now you need to set the Pokemon Lures to spawn new Pokemon at your Poke Stop locations that can delight your guests and encourage them to stick around.

All over America Pokemon is being captured, but with an assumption of many people coming to your event, you want to have lures ready for extra Pokemon to join the party. Lures last for 30 minutes and your guests have to remain near the Poke Stop in order to enjoy the benefits. Everyone can catch the Pokemon, so be ready for the crowds and let people know you plan to bring Pokemon to the party too. 

The lures do bring in the Pokemon, but a trick that is used by businesses organizing a bar crawl is use a Lure, an Incense, and a Lucky Egg all at once. This reaction will spawn tons of Pokemon and your guests will be thrilled to be part of the action.

It's usually good to have one or two knowledgeable players keep the lures going while the bar crawl is in action. This allows people to play, mingle, eat and drink all evening. Most bar crawls seem to feed into the evening hours so the most successful days to offer such an event is Friday and Saturday night.

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