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Pokemon Go Tip: How to Hatch Eggs Faster (without cheating)

Pokemon Go tips might be popping up all over the web, but some of the basic tips are the best. There has been a slew of folks trying to outwit the game when it comes to hatching eggs. Everyone wonders as how to hatch eggs faster as it's a critical part of the game and a player might rather want to be capturing Pokemon instead of hatching.

Is it Possible Without Cheating? Yes 

There is a way to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Go and the opportunity is all based on technology. While some people tape their phone to a dog or wrap it around a fan, the basis of hatching is walking and distance. On an average day, game pings the servers about once per minute. Now if a player is looking to hatch an egg, they are going to need to communicate with the servers to let the distance be known. The best way to communicate is how? Walking  straight line.

How to Hatch Eggs Faster - Walk Straight

It's going to be impossible for the server to calculate distance correctly, if you are going in circles, zigzagging or even staying in the same area. This means you need to walk in straight lines to hatch eggs faster. Today's technology will identify and calculate your progress correctly leaving no question about the distance you have gone.

It's weird how some Pokemon Go tips (like this one) is based on simple technology and the limitations in today's world. Nonetheless, if you want 45 steps you want to be credited for the distance -- so just walk in a straight line so the game knows you are moving!

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