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How to get Pikachu as Starter? Pokemon Go Tip

Want to pick Pikachu at the beginning of your Pokemon Go game? Frankly, if you ask any newbie, you might get misinformation and be told it's not possible. Well, thanks to serious trainers who have worked hard to find this popular Pokemon, you can enjoy Pikachu's company.

Pick Pikachu by defying Professor Willow

To get Pikachu to show up to play Pokemon Go, you need to rebel against Professor Willow. While the strategic thing to do (and to get the game started) you are asked to pick three Pokemon he offers. Instead of obeying him, walk away. According to the experts you will need to walk away from Professor Willow four times. He will continue to offer the same Pokemon, but you need to resist the urge to grab one of the characters.

On the fourth time you walk away you will see something happen that is different than before. As you begin to walk away, it is confirmed that Pikachu will show up and you can pick him as your character. This hack has been verified by several trainers (and we have Pikachu on our game too).

This simple hack has some people thinking about restarting their game as Pikachu is a very popular character. Is Pikachu worth enjoying from the beginning when playing Pokemon Go? Yes! So many people have missed this opportunity that sharing this tip to newbie trainers has the web letting people know that you can enjoy the Pokemon from the beginning of the play.

Professor Willow might be a bit annoyed for you to be disobeying his requests at the beginning, but in return you can have hours of fun enjoying Pikachu. Sorry Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, but enough trainers are enjoying you guys already! 


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