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How to find rare Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Want to know how to find  rare or evolved Pokemon? This is a popular question for most players as they work their way through the game. The biggest difference between the 

Seasoned players keep suggesting to keep checking your Nearby Pokemon radar. The chance to spot a new or evolving Pokemon might be as simple as keeping an eye, but there are other ways. Rare Pokemon have an orange glowing circle around them rather than the green one. 

How to Find a rare Pokemon faster? Think About the Previous Games!

The clues left from games past will ultimately help you catch what you are looking for when it comes to Pokemon Go. Talking to a couple of seasoned players, we learned that some of the biggest catches are found in the evening hours. More specifically, the rarer characters are seen around the same time every day in many areas. Many players believe that like in the original game, players looking to catch a Clefairy or Drowzee will do so more often in the evening times and this assumption comes from previous games.

Remember the rarer Pokemon come with higher creature powers too. This isn't something you can easily catch either. You might need to make several Pokeball throws before capture. Adding another user won't help either (we have tried that) but if you have Razz Berries (a higher level purchase available) it does seem to help.

Strangely the evolved Pokemon seem to be in the same area as their unevolved counterparts. These are more difficult to spot and definitely not as common. It takes a little getting used to before these are easier to catch. 


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