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Pokemon where are you? Tips to finding multiple PokeStops Fast

Pokemon Go players are sharpening their skills and capturing the right Pokemon to keep leveling up. The game, still in the infant stages, has players trying to figure out the best way to utilize their time to get the most Pokemon or to get Pokemon characters. Believe it or not, there are certain areas across the country that will offer multiple PokeStops in one stop for your capturing pleasure. All you need to do is locate these places in your community.

PokeStops are Found in High Traffic Areas

Pokemon Go players typically should start at the local hot spot. Places like downtown areas, big parks, beaches, common areas and even mountain trails will have more PokeStops than other locations. This includes places that cater to guests, are open to the public daily and could be considered tourist traps.

So where might you look for the more obvious Pokestops? Museums, libraries and town centers are a great place to start. Malls (even if they aren't in downtown areas) are also known to have a considerable amount of PokeStops. 

One place most people don't think about as a PokeStop heaven is kid activity centers, theme parks and water parks. While there will be Pokemon lurking in the areas, anyplace there is a line you will find lures. People waiting their turn to do an activity will turn on a lure (especially in those lines 30 minutes or longer) and play. There are reports that lures are so common at Disneyland and Universal Studios that Pokemon Go players go just to catch the invisible monsters.

PokeStops offer an opportunity to catch new Pokemon. If you find a location with more than one Poke stop, it's a dream location to capture and see what new Pokemon you can collect.

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