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How to Gain a XP Bonus When Capturing a Pokémon

Pokémon Go players have no easy task when it comes to catching Pokémon. These small pocket monsters make players use all their skills, knowledge and even a little luck to capture the creatures. Which is why players deserve a XP Bonus when playing the game by a little trick when throwing a Pokéball.

Pokéball throws can be pretty basic. It’s the effort to nail the Pokémon before it takes off in the bushes (or wherever it might be going) However, if you are willing to throw a Pokéball like a curveball and make it spin, then you will gain more XP.

So how can you get this to work? When throwing a Pokéball, tap the ball, hold it and give it a spin until the Pokéball starts to sparkle. Once the shine starts, toss it towards the Pokémon. If you capture the Pokémon, then you get a curveball XP bonus.

Throwing a curving Pokéball takes a bit of practice. Newbie players might want to try this technique on the easier, duplicate Pokémon to practice the best way to throw the ball without the worry of using up too many Pokéballs. The moves definitely need a flicker of the wrist and perfect timing! Some players even buy handmade 3D panels to guide their fingers and practice the swipes as they learn how to throw curve balls perfectly.

As players increase levels, they will encounter different Pokéballs that increase speed, change angles and offer other obstacles for capturing Pokémon. If you can conquer throwing Pokéballs that curve on a basic level, the higher levels won’t be too challenging for a seasoned player after a couple of tries.

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