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Was First Pokemon Go Trainer Killed Playing Game?

Pokemon Go news has been strange as the new game has only been released for a few weeks and the world has been turned upside down. People are out having a great time with Pokemon. There are so many stories of people coming together and having a great time. Then there are some oddball stories too. The latest one, where a Pokemon Go trainer and his friend were attacked playing the game. According to the Independent, the police aren't sure why the two players were attacked.

Is This the First Pokemon Go Trainer Killed? 

The trainers were playing Pokemon Go on a street in Chiquimula, 120 miles from Guatemala City. Late at night, the player was ambushed and died after being shot. Police have not confirmed the game had something to do with the shooting but the family believes the game had something to do with the altercation.

As far as the stories about Pokemon Go game goes, this might be the first trainer that was killed playing the game. There have been situations where people have been hurt, slammed into other cars, but there has never been anyone killed.  While the police are sorting out the situation, others have taken the situation into consideration when going out to play at night.

Critics of the game have suggested this would be a bigger security problem, but so far this hasn't been as big as originally thought. With millions of people playing the game it appears plenty of common sense and safety has been used to make sure everyone tries to stay safe.


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