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Eighteen pokemon types in the world of Pokemon Go!

There are eighteen types in the world of Pokemon, with specific attacks, defenses, damage and ineffectiveness towards another. Some types have advantages against other types, while they have resistances to other types.  If a Pokemon uses an attack that matches (one of) its type(s), it does 1.25x damage. The defense of the Steel types is considered to be one of the best types of Pokémon to use. In unlike the Rock types, Steel types have the advantage because of their typically high Defense. The Fairy type is also the best defensive types, along with the Steel type. The Psychic type's highest average stat is Special Attack, while the Fighting type's is just Attack. Dark and psychic types are also weak to Bug, and Ghost types. They are super-effective against Fighting and Poison types. Dragon types while in the defense mode,  have powerful resistances to ElectricFireGrass, and Water; The Dragon type is statistically the best type overall above-600 base stat totals. Fairy is also quite strong offensively as it is super-effective against DragonFighting, and Dark. The ??? type that exists only in Generations IIIII, and IV. It was removed in the Generation V games and has not returned. Will there be a category for these types as the Pokemon grow into an all out battle? Will Niantic implement this category to keep gamers from fading out? Understandably, the eggs produce this symbol, yet is there going to be new Pokemon? Below are some charts created to help you on your journey, Trainer!


Designed by the redditer: Sheri-B http://i.imgur.com/YpJWUB4.png

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