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Do You Know Your Pokemon IV's? Pokemon Go Players Strategize

Pokemon Go is a game of fun, excitement and individual values (commonly known as IV's) ...especially if you are serious about leveling up your trainer. Whether you have just started the game or find yourself walking the woods for the latest Pokemon capture, you probably are somewhat aware that not all Pokemon are created equal.

What has many players surprised about the idea of the game is two Pokémon of the same type but not on the same level are not equal. Yep, you read that right, Pokemon changes on different levels. Each Pokemon has a series of hidden values. This dictates how much Combat Points (CP) and Hit Points/Health Points (HP) it has per level, as well as its secret energy rating, which determines how long it takes for the special attack energy bar to fill up.

Why Know Pokemon IV? Strategy Baby!

Many players enjoy playing Pokemon Go just to play, but the more serious players are looking at the IV's and deciphering their next move. When you know which Pokémon are worth spending time improving by using stardust and evolution candy and which are not, you move your game to a  higher level faster (and it's far more mentally stimulating.

This knowledge also helps you in other ways.  When Pokémon are maxed out the game starts to spiral when it comes to certain parts. For example, IV's can help you determine if you will be beating rivals and losing battles in the gym as the HP and CP need to be strong.

So how does one keep track of all the numbers of the Pokemon in their head. Most players don't as there are calculators for that! The IV rater allows you to quickly estimate your current Pokémon and help your strategy as you move forward in the game. 


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