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Do Pokemon Go Players Pose a Risk? Authorities Hand Out Fines

Pokemon Go players might think that playing the game is harmless fun, but in Europe there appears to be issue that some pedestrians are a hazard. It's quite shocking, yet almost too funny that some players are being fined for playing the game. In what has to be a first, the police in Brussels have started handing out fines to smartphone users deemed to be "posing a risk" to themselves or others.  The find given might be small, but it's just the latest hassle Pokemon Go players are facing. So why are the cops handing out tickets? They are suggesting that the players are being unsafe in their game play. According to the authorities, the players are conducting themselves in such a manner as to be a nuisance or a danger to others. This definition could be as simple as walking against a red light, driving and playing Pokemon Go or just playing and running into people on the sidewalk.

Pokemon Go Players Really Pose a Risk?

Common sense would suggest that Pokemon Go players are having a good time, even if a few are  acting a little reckless or lacking manners. They want to find the Pokemon and get so engrossed with the game the idea of other people, laws and anything to do with the real world just escapes them. This type of Pokemon Go player is perfect for a ticket though. Minding their own business and playing the game, they might make a mistake. Then they owe a few bucks after getting a ticket. It's a quick source of income offered to the authorities who might otherwise be out catching speeders or robbers.  Are these players really a risk? Well, that definitely depends on who you ask!

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