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Did Pokemon Go Servers Crash? Check Twitter for Updates

Did the Pokemon Go servers crash? This question has been asked quite a bit since the new app was released. With so many people playing as the Pokemon Go craze has begun, it's not surprising to find someone who is having trouble as their connection is crashing.

With the heavy volume and access around the country, there will be times that the server outages will happen. It's been a  pretty common occurrence since the game's beginning. Add the roll out of all the new players around the world and it might be expected that every once in a while capturing a Pokemon will be impossible.

Did Pokemon Servers Crash? Here's How to check.

There is a way to check, not including calling your best friend, that will only take a second. The Pokemon Go App account on Twitter gives up-to-date info when there are problems. A quick check with the latest from the official account can give you a look at what is happening on a national level. 

Outages aren't just caused by Pokemon Go servers crashing. Weather, locations and heavy volume in an area you might be at also slow down the game (or stop it altogether). Don't panic! The first thing to do is refresh the game and then if that doesn't work, check the Twitter account. And if all else fails, then call your best friend who plays with you (but is at work because he's more responsible and his score suffers for it) to see if he can he his game to work.

If there is an outage, expect to see a posting like this: 


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