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David Attenborough Pokemon Go Video is Hilarious: Watch

Pokemon Go has fans looking for Pokemon and people gathering at street corners playing the game. With so many wonderful aspects of the game being shared, it's not surprising that some humor is coming from the game as well. The David Attenborough Pokemon Go video will make even the most casual trainer smile. 

David Attenborough Pokemon Go Video is Too Funny

Offering up a very serious narrative, the renowned British naturalist’s wildlife commentary audio is dubbed over footage of a trainer playing the game. The clip reflects the seriousness of the famous man's reflection of the moment while showcasing some pretty common moves that anyone might see.

As with any funny video, the David Attenborough Pokemon Go video is making the rounds quickly on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The chance to see the game from a new perspective, even though it's a very new game has people checking out what might otherwise be an ordinary game of play!

This definitely isn't the first funny Pokemon Go video, nor will it be the last. As fans appreciate the game in new ways, the world has seen some really interesting takes on this popular game!


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