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Pokemon Go Central Park catch: Vaporeon creates chaos in NYC (video)

Pokemon Go fans in Central Park can be seen darting across the street in search of a rare find in the latest video. Vaporeon was spotted by more than one player and it had people checking out the depths of Central Park in the late evening hours. The video of this event isn't for the faint of heart. People jumping out of their cars, darting across the street and one poor soul even bumps into a vehicle as she pays so close attention to her cell phone.

So why was everyone so freaked out about catching Vaporeon? Well, it's only one of the rarest Pokémon in the game so far!! This is the ultimate fan dream capture, even if it is dark outside and hundreds of other players are trying to do the same.


The Pokemon Go Central Park Vaporeon Sighting is Just the Beginning

This video is any proof that the Pokemon Go game is a huge success. Why? Take a look at all the people playing. See anyone under 15 in this bunch? The crowds of people are primarily adults and they are having a great time checking out the wonderful game while mingling with other fans.

Plus, there have been other sightings too which has caused just as much excitement. Santa Monica Pier was full of players only a couple of days ago looking to catch a Squirtle. It was chaos there too. 

It appears that Pokemon Go is just starting to tease the serious players on where to find some of the rare and fun elements of the game. Expect more of these types of situations and keep any eye in your neighborhood too. Who knows maybe you will capture a Vaporeon at a park near you!

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