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Pokémon Go Incense Tip: Catch Rare Pokémon With a Smell

Pokémon Go players have found frustration walking the neighborhoods and capturing the same Pokémon time and time again. If this scenario sounds like your current gameplay, you need to crack open the Pokémon Go incense. This nifty tool can be purchased with Pokecoins and it will bring out the pocket monsters, no matter where you live.

The use of incense is quite easy and you can see it on the screen in a pink, fluffy fragrance around your trainer. Serious players will point out that you should consider this option only after capturing and clearing an area from Pokémon. Then release the incense and be ready for movement. In only a few moments, you should be able to see Pokémon start to show their faces around the area. If you have cleared the area, new Pokémon, including possible rare species will find their way to your location.

When using the incense, make sure you have approximately 30 minutes to capture as many Pokémon as possible. Consider, your schedule, other players in the area, location and the game before you release your incense. If you are having trouble with the game’s app or service, don’t use the incense. Additionally, if you see a number of players in your area, you may want to wait to use the incense as well so you can catch as many Pokémon as possible.

Another tip to offer when using incense is to make sure you walk in a straight line, instead of around an area. The GPS tracking of your location while you use incense will increase the number of Pokémon offered, if the game sees you are constantly moving away from a location and into a new area.

Players use incense to catch new Pokémon, find eggs and to get a different aspect of the game. Consider trying it on your next Pokémon Go adventure.

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