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Catch a Squirtle in California? Pokemon Most Popular in Pacific

Catch a Squirtle? Well, if you did expect to have bragging rights. The Pokemon Go craze has people losing their minds (and their time) going after some of the most popular Pokemon and they are willing to do about anything to get them. Which brings us to the crazy search for Squirtle.

Squirtle is the Most Popular Pokemon in California

If you are looking for Squirtle, you are not alone. A newly released survey of all 50 states reveals the different Pokemon that people are really excited to get. Perhaps this is why when one of these unique creatures pops up there is a mass push to get to a certain area to capture the Pokemon. Last week a crowd hung out in Bellevue, when a Squirtle arrived in the area. The videos of the moment when the group notices a Squirtle is priceless. Everyone begins to lose their minds and there is a mass march towards each other (and ultimately the capture). 

The latest look at the different Pokemon around the country might have people wondering if they will need to travel to all fifty states to complete the game successfully. Perhaps. And there are people who are already considering this challenge, but not yet in America. In New Zealand a Pokemon Trainer quit his job and for two months has pledged to play the game day and night.

Take a look at the Pokemon most popular state by state. How far along is your game?

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