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Baby Names with Pokemon Go in Mind? Roselia, Ash, Eevee and Onyx Popular

Newborn 2016 baby names have always been a sacred choice for the parents. Honoring family members, giving tributes to influential people in their lives and even embracing a popular community situation the year the baby was born. Correct us if we are wrong, but Pokemon Go has been out less than a month and parents are already naming children after characters of Pokemon Go. So is it safe to assume some parents have been playing Pokemon Go night and day?

Pokemon Go Offers Neat Baby Names?

If you meet a child named Roselia, Ash, Eevee or Onyx in the next five years, it's safe to say that the child had parents who loved Pokemon Go. The four most popular names have been making the rounds in the newbie areas of the hospitals in the United States and around the world. 

According to BBC the latest trend is naming your child after the game. Those people who play Pokemon Go will definitely think they have remarkable parenting chops. And the rest of us? Well, we are going to be rolling our eyes because we know there are dozens of grandparents out there who have been overlooked for a Pokemon reference.

If you feel that baby names after Pokemon Go is a bit too much, then you might like the other trend of expecting moms. Paining their baby bumps into a PokeBall, this cute tribute to the game is harmless fun and the baby will have a memento to remember (and it won't be part of their name.)

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