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Play Pokemon Go at a Funeral? 7 Weird Places Where Trainers See Pokemon

Pokemon Go trainers are finding their way around the neighborhoods and cities across the country in search of Pokemon. The events surrounding this popular game has been plentiful and it’s not surprising to see a cell phone out and ready to find more on every square inch of the planet. This craze isn’t for the faint of heart and people are serious about their playtime. Even if that means whipping out the phone to see Pokemon at a funeral.

Pokemon Go Trainers are Really Playing at a Funeral?

Yes, well technically there have been Pokemon spotted at funerals. No word if the trainer actually captured the Pokemon or showed respect for the deceased (or maybe did both) This is probably why everyone is so surprised at the idea that Pokemon does show up almost everywhere. And it’s doubtful that anyone will be apologizing for at least checking if Pokemon is around at a funeral.

Pokemon Go trainers offer a look at the weird places that Pokemon shows up. From what we can tell, these are real locations and not photoshopped. Even put our glasses on to take a serious look. There are plenty of superimposed images, but the real ones are more exciting (at least to us.)

7. At a Funeral

6. On the Roadways

5. Bosnia Minefields

4.Royal Opera House

3. LL Cool J's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

2. In PRISON! 

1. On the Firing Line (yes, this is a real tweet...)

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