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5 Tips I Learned at a Pokémon Go Pub Crawl

Pokemon Go is a great game where you can have a blast enjoying the idea of finding Pokemon and still mingle with other players who love the game as much as you (or more). If you are looking to have a fun evening out and still want to play Pokemon Go, you should consider a Pokemon Go Pub Crawl.

In fact, the real reason you should go isn't because you are going to be drinking with pals who like the game OR catching Pokemon at a nearby stop. You should be attending a Pokemon Go Pub Crawl to gather tips from locals in your area. There is so much you will learn!

One might assume that all the tips and tricks of Pokemon Go will be found online. Well, perhaps that's true, but it could take hours to research and you will be drinking alone. It's a good way to find out general information, but for tips specific to your area, you will find Pokemon Go Pub Crawls to be the best way to find out more details.

What will you find out? Here's what I learned....

5 Tips I Learned at a Pokémon Go Pub Crawl

1. I was shown how to throw PokeBalls more precisely. My fingers were wandering all over the screen and I ended up wasting more than I care to admit. Larry, an avid Pokemon Go player, who has found all the Pokemon, took a minute to show me how to hold the phone while maneuvering the screen to perfectly throw. 

2. I got ideas on where to collect Pokemon. There was a local area I missed which could have yielded me some great game action with three Poke Stops in one area. Now I admit to being annoyed  because I wasn't aware of the areas before, but I do know about it now and I will be on my way just as soon as I can get off work early.

3. The game might be built for one player to focus on Pokemon, but it's more fun hanging out with others to play. I heard some crazy stories from folks who have had a few "situations" while out playing Pokemon. Laughing and capturing, it's obvious a good story needs a good audience and hanging out is double fun than playing alone.

4. I noticed that the most serious players turned off their augmented reality feature. Some players said they did it to avoid the heavy drain on the battery. Other players found the feature too cute to use for the real game. Whatever their reasoning, only a few players actually had the AR on. 

5. I found that the best accessory to playing Pokemon Go is the portable cell charger. For less than $10 you can keep playing long after your battery indicator on your cell phone is low. One of the attendees at the pub crawl, Donald, even suggest getting these contraptions as Walmart as it was the cheapest place in town.

While I know that a pub crawl traditionally is considered an event to drink brews and chat about life, the Pokemon Go pub crawl I went to offered a connection to Pokemon Go players like no other. A safe environment to mingle, great specials and some new information that I could immediately use!


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