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5 Pokemon Go Tips Players Should NEVER Believe (Even if You are a Pro)

Pokemon Go tips, tricks and cheats are being dissected, repacked and spread around the world. People are sharing information on this app probably more than they are talking about Kim Kardashian. (OK, maybe that is a stretch). What isn't a stretch is how some many inaccurate tips are being floated around on the web about Pokemon Go.

The biggest (and perhaps strangest) farces of the Pokemon Go world are attracting the most attention. Have you seen those websites dedicated to offering players free coins. Or what about the tips that suggest you can change your team later on in the game if you don't like your choice? Yep, Pokemon Go players are too smart for those big, fat lies. Yet, there are a few little inaccuracies that need to be addressed for anyone who might believe these too good to be true whoppers.

 5 Tips Pokemon Go Players Can NEVER Believe

5. You should try to always throw a PokeBall straight. This bit of advice might work at the beginning of the game, but as you will level it, it becomes obvious that practicing as you go would be essential for solid play. The high levels have Pokemon at different distances and the PokeBalls do curve as well.

4. Your trainer can not be visually changed to look more like you. While the trainers previously were one look fit all, the update offered players a chance to make the avatar look more like them. From hair to skin tone, it's now possible to have your trainer look a little more like you.

3. Pokemon Go can be tricked when it comes to hatching eggs. It's unfortunate in some cases, but you might not be able to beat the game. People have tried having their dogs run in the yard, tied the phone to a fan and even used radio controlled cars to trick Pokemon Go into hatching eggs faster. It might be easier just to walk yourself.

2. You aren't liable if you trespass on property to catch a Pokemon playing Pokemon Go. Yes, you are responsible and if you don't get off or ruin anything, you could be liable too. It might be a game of pocket monsters, but in the real world laws still apply.

1. If you cheat you won't get caught. Yes, you will be caught and it might not be from the game creators, but your friends will know you haven't really had a positive game like you are claiming (screenshots only work for so long).

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