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Pokemon Go Dangers: 5 Pokemon Go Tips For Safe Play

Pokemon Go has been only around for a few days and already the injuries are piling up. While most people are using caution when playing the game in the real world, some folks aren't thinking too clearly. When it comes to paying attention to the game and your immediate surroundings, it appears that that it can be harder than first thought.

According to the Los Angeles Times, two men (yes, adults) were playing Pokemon Go and ended up falling off a cliff trying to catch a character. Injuring themselves after falling, a stern warning was offered by law enforcement reminding everyone there is a real world outside of Pokemon Go and people need to be smart!

So how can you and your family stay safe playing Pokemon Go? Here are five ways to play safe (while still having buckets of fun)....

5 Pokemon Go Tips

1. Stay off restricted areas and use common sense when going to places that don't appear safe. The game is new and players can't expect every detail to be handed to them when walking around. Remember to be aware and walk away if necessary.

2. Watch out for those steps! Ankle injuries have been one of the most common injuries reported so far. People using their cell phone while walking and falling off curbs, steps and even inclines, this has injuries to the leg, feet, toes and even ankles. 

3. Stay in well lit areas after dark. Reports of robberies and other criminal activities have been shared in the media as people playing Pokemon Go have walked right into bad situations. Assess and decide before going too far.

4. Watch for moving things (in real time). Typically stepping in front of a car isn't likely. Well, we would certainly hope not! However players are crossing streets without looking, stepping in front of vehicles and doing other dangerous things without realizing it. Be alert!

5. Play safe in pairs. This tip is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are in grade school or an adult. The more people you have, the more fun. Plus, you have an extra set of eyes for thos steps, cars and even bad situations.

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