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Trouble Catching Pokemon? 5 PokeBall Tips to Help Your Game

The Pokemon Go game has some people swearing, especially when your PokeBall seems to flick off your target and you've just wasted the moment. Fear not trainers! There is a method to this madness and you're not the only one frustrated. Catching Pokemon is the tough (but best) part of the game and how well you do all depends on your target.

The original theory on flicking the Pokeball is all distances were the same. Unfortunately that is farthest from the truth. As you might know, the different Pokemon might be at different spaces and jumping around leaving you to focus on just how far to throw. The game offers this challenge as a fun adventure (perhaps that's why we all feel guilty swearing a little after losing five PokeBalls in a row and knowing we still missed.)

5 PokeBall Tips to Help Your Pokemon Go Game

  1. There is no way to pick up Pokeballs after you've thrown them. If we had a buck for everyone who emailed us and asked if this was true, we'd be rich. That's a myth as once thrown, that's it!
  2. When you see the first time a Pokemon jump out of a PokeBall, don't be deceived by the distance. They will even further away at the beginning. You'll have to throw the PokeBall further to accurately accommodate the distance.
  3. Refrain from the repeated Pokemon. It's very easy to waste Pokeballs on the evolved forms of common Pokemon because you are excited to get started. Many newbies can't wait to start capturing. However, it's smart to hold off and consider your strategy for the overall game so you can quickly level up.
  4. Practice your curve ball techniques. In the beginning of Pokemon Go you won't need it, but as you start to  level up, your balls will start to randomly curve. Serious players have discussed how many Pokeballs they would have saved if they would have practiced the technique before getting toward the top levels.
  5. Pokeballs need to be thrown at different lengths. Players who level up have noticed that different Pokemon are at different distances. Some players have gone so far to share just how close (or far) Pokemon are to throw. For example, Pidgeys are very close and one of the easiest to capture.



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