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Pokemon Go Halloween costumes? Trendy 2016 Halloween Costumes

Pokemon Go has dominated the scene when it comes to trends and news. With so many players enjoying the game on their cell phones, the craze of this popular game is expected to last for months. In fact, it's common to see people dressed up when playing the game and arrive at Poke Stops looking for Pokemon. It's all in good fun. They have  intention of showing off their love of the game to other players offering a fun spirit and a way to engage with other players.

Perhaps that's why Halloween costume makers are considering what might be a popular Halloween costume in October. Most people assume there will be some political variations seen at parties celebrating the holiday, but the big winner just might be Pokemon costumes

2016 Popular Halloween Costumes: Pokémon Go Characters

It's understandable that fans of the game might dress up as a Pokeball, Pokemon favorite Pikachu or any of the starter characters. Depending on the element the player loves the most, it's possible that they dress up as a cell phone (and be inside of the game) or any number of variations of Pokemon Go.

What has manufacturers considering how to focus on Pokemon Go. Some  manufacturers will get licensing agreements to make official costumes, but like we see at the last minute during any Halloween, it sometimes is the last minute push that sells Pokemon Halloween costumes which aren't approved (yes, those would be the illegal knockoffs).

The best of Pokemon Go is yet to come. After people get comfortable with the game, there will be updates, challenges and more to engage further with the pocket monsters. Which leads most people who work in the Halloween costume business to bet on Pokemon monsters to be the most popular 2016 Halloween Costumes.

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