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Pokemon Go Hack: Select, Spin, Exit and Repeat

If you just want to roam about in other Pokemon Go places then teleport to location: spin a Pokemon Go, stop, exit, spin exit spin exit until it gives you items then feel free to roam about!

If you ever move substantial distances you may get soft banned from Pokemon Go. Clear your Pokemon Go app data/cache and try again seems to help spoofers get back into the game. If that doesn't work it means you are banned, but only for about a 24 hour period.

Some people have suggested hacking your phone with Odin, a mobile phone root software, as one method to get around Pokemon Go restrictions, but please backup your phone and do your research - or else you could lose all of your data and settings. Keep in mind: While Google is affiliated with Niantic, they naturally want to stop any type of Pokemon Go spoofing. See the pattern? Using an Iphone has its advantages. Keep a keen eye out for the patches and the updates to Pokemon GO and the daily reports. Happy Poke Hunting friends!

Pokemon Go Spoofers

Pokemon GO spoofers have become outlandishly forward in Upstate NY in the past couple weeks. Many gyms have been taken over in just minutes flat with no one around the area!

If you have 15 gyms all to yourself, you are actively hurting your teammates. This allows low level players to validate pokemon go "gym shaving." When researching on the “HOW TO” of “spoofing” a backlash of opinions seems to be divided. It is absurd how easy it is for an player with an iPhone to spoof and android phones now only work when someone unbricks their phone or messes with the Firmware.

How does this type of pokemon spoofing occur? They teleport to the coordinates of the Pokemon, then click on the Pokemon, and before catching it, the spoofer will teleport back to their previous location.

If you would remove the bots and "couch-potato players" (spoofers) from the game, the vast majority of game events would be gone, thus decreasing general interest in the Pokémon Go game world because gameplay for the honest trainers would become more boring. Removing these bots and spoofs would in fact decrease spawns, because the game algorithm will produce more Pokémon spawns when there are more players around and active - and new spoofers that use “Bots” have a higher chance of seeing a banned account and loss of your current progress, or loss of in-app purchases you have made.

So which side are you on? To Spoof or not to Spoof.

Pokémon Go Tips: When to Use a Lucky Egg

When are you going to use a lucky egg? This unique feature in Pokémon Go has players excited as it’s possible to get a large amount of points in a short amount of time. The lucky egg is called that for a reason! For the 30 minutes the egg is active, the player will get double the amount of experience points.

Pokémon Go Tip: Throw Away Your Potions to Stack up on Pokéballs

Pokémon Go trainers all reach a serious dilemma at some point playing the game. With the collection of Pokémon, Pokéballs and other stuff, the bag your trainer has will eventually fill up. At that point you will need to make a decision. Will you upgrade your bag, wait for a refresh or start throwing away items acquired during the game. Even if the idea sounds a bit odd, the best thing to do is to prune anything that doesn’t directly relate to capturing Pokémon, in particular the Pokémon Go potions.

Pokemon Go Server Status: How to Quickly Tell if Your Game is Stalled

If you love playing Pokémon Go, then you probably are aware that every once in a while, the Pokémon Go servers stall or go down. Rare, but always when you want to play Pokémon Go the most, the service seems to come back up once issues are resolved. So how do you tell if Pokémon Go servers are down? It’s rather easy!

First thing to check is your service status of your personal cell phone. While everyone has a cell phone that can reach almost anywhere, there are still some spots around the world that aren’t covered. IS your location someplace where you have gotten service before? Are you having any trouble with any other apps on your phone? I not, then it is time to check online for answers as it appears you don’t have any service issues.

Once ruling out the phone, then check the Pokémon Go service directly. Looking to keep in touch with the players, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account announces current outages and issues with the servers as they happen. A quick look at the 144-character postings might have you recognizing that the issue

isn’t yours, but with the game (and then all you need to do is wait).

While you might be disappointed in the delay, it’s only temporary. Just remember to avoid throwing any Pokéballs during this time as you will miss the Pokémon (the ball seems to take longer in the pitch) and not to release any incense as you won’t be able to capture as many Pokémon.

The frustration of having Pokémon Go servers go down is always a bummer. It’s happening less and less often the company adequately compensates for the millions of people who play the game. Taken by surprise, it appears that the response to the game was, originally, more than expected creating a huge demand from the servers.

Pokemon Go released in South America and Mexico

So far we have heard that Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile all currently have Gyms and Pokestops showing in their Pokemon Go Apps. Tourists and athletes arriving in Brazil for the Olympics can now continue their Pokemon master training without the fear of falling behind and letting their teams down (unless you are on Team Instinct, you're always letting your team down :P).

Some trainers have already managed to get to level 34+ with 3000 CP+ Pokemon at Gyms. Has it secretly been out already? or have these players been spoofing their GPS?

We will keep our blog posts coming with new information on Pokemon Go country releases as we get more information.

Pokemon Go servers are not regional and tracking sites may be causing issues

There is quite a lot of talk regarding the Pokemon Go servers at the moment. With frequent downtime and unplanned maintenance hitting both the login servers and the game servers, they can be very frustrating for some players. I heard about one player who took a two-hour train journey to his nearest City (rural player) only to find the servers were down for 4 hours! That's a lot of time and money wasted without any prior warning from Niantic. We have found some details about how the servers work and what may be causing the recent downtime.

Our research at PokeGoStat.us will hopefully clear up some myths. We’ve spent hours reviewing and researching some of the technologies surrounding the Pokemon Go app to find out more details and bring you the latest details.

What happens when you open the Pokemon Go App?

When you first open up the app, the first set of services you will encounter are the login servers. You will either login with a Google account, which means you pass through Google's extremely stable servers; or you will login with a PTC account which are routed through The Pokemon Company's infamous and sometimes sluggish servers.

After login, the second set of servers are the Pokemon Go game servers. We've found that at any time there can be around 600 - 900 servers…however appear to all be located in the US. Yes, that's a single region. Not spread across the world. They are most likely all in the same datacenter too, which would most likely be a Google Cloud datacenter.

We worked out the location by pinging all the servers every minute for the past few weeks, collecting all the pings in our database (which is used for the graphs on our home page and server status page) and spending many hours analyzing the data. Since we launched this site, there's over 10 million records in our database. We are hoping to release some more graphs and infographics around this data in the near future to take a deep dive on game scaling and architecture.

What are the symptoms of the Pokemon Go servers having issues?

When the Pokemon Go servers run into trouble (or overloading), there's various issues players face when playing the game. If you successfully login but hit a stuck loading screen or experience very, very slow responses in-game. This is most likely because you have joined a server that is under high load/having problems. If you log out, and log back in again, you may be randomly assigned to a new server. If there's a lot of servers under high load, it may take a few tries to get on a server without heavy load. Patience and Persistence!

Another problem is when you simply can't login to Pokemon Go. Generally, this occurs when the login servers are either down, under high load or experiencing maintenance. This can be very frustrating for PTC players in particular, as there have been a lot of problems with the PTC login servers. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to transfer your account to a Google account, so the only option for PTC players is to wait for these servers to come back online. Our real-time update page is perfect for checking up on that.

Why are the PTC login servers down so often?

Our educated guess is it may be due to websites like Pokevision sending an unnecessary number of requests to the Pokemon Go Servers, APIs and generally causing scale problems for Niantic. You may have noticed that whenever the PTC login servers are down, Pokevision is down. This is because Pokevision connects to the Pokemon Go API via the PTC authentication servers and every time someone goes on their website it may be re-authenticating. If you multiply this by the Pokevision refresh time (30 seconds), this likely generates millions of additional requests to the PTC login server.

However, it's probably not Pokevision that is causing the core of the problem, they probably have a much more efficient way to query the servers. It's more likely all the copycat websites that don't really know what they're doing causing the problems.

Japan release server boost

One thing we noticed during the Japan release an extra 100 servers appeared for around 10 hours. We've not seen this appear since. As the servers were under high load and producing odd results, by example, we couldn't tell where they were located. It's entirely possible that when more Asian countries are released, that some Asian servers may appear.

Hope you enjoyed reading this brain dump, it should hopefully give you some insight into the Pokemon Go Server downtime issues and problems you see using the app. Keep in mind our methods are from the outside looking in to the Pokemon Go servers and you should do more of your own research before finalizing your own opinion. Till next time.